Here you can order merchandise and all the procedes will go to help out Rocky.
There is a limited amount or items that have been hand made so don't delay! These items are hot!


There are 8 different styles:

A) Up Earred Standing Bunny               $7.00
B) Up Earred Loaf Bunny                     $7.00
C) Up Earred Sitting Buny                    $7.00
D) Lop Earred Standing Bunny             $7.00
E) Lop Earred Loaf Bunny                   $7.00
F) Running Bunny                                 $7.00
G) Love Bunnies                                  $8.00
H) Hopping Bunny                               $7.00
Please indicate the type of wood, and how many of each. All prices are in USD Funds

Shipping:   1 magnet = $1.00
                   2            = $1.50
                   3-5        = $2.00
                   6-10      = $3.00
Also, when making payment, please include the following information:
~ Bunny's name (if applicable)
~ Full Mailing address
~ Style, type and quantity

4 different types of wood  to choose from:
Red Oak

Black Walnut



All these earrings are made with .925 sterling silver ear hooks.
Items have been donated by Caroline at Bunslove on Etsy
Shipping is $2.00 within Canada and the USA. Outside Canada and the USA shipping is $4.00

Tiger Eye Gem Earrings $8.00                   (3 available)

Tiger Eye with Swarovski Crystal      $12.00              (1 available)

Fresh Water Pearl with Swarovski Crystal Earrings     $14.00          SOLD OUT
Sky and Water Earrings    $8.00     (2 available)

Pink Crystal and Sterling Silver Earrings     $8.00     (2 available)              

Pink Cube and Sterling Silver Earrings     $8.00      (1 available)

April 21, 2010

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I write this. Rocky left for the Rainbow Bridge earlier this evening.
He fought hard to stay with us but he could not hold on any longer.
Binky free my friend......

April 2010

Rocky is in need of surgery to save his life. He has a mediastinal mass that is pressing against his trachea and heart. Without the surgery, Rocky will die.

Rocky lives in Athens, Greece. He has seen many vets there but vets in Greece are not rabbit savvy. They will not do the surgery, nor are they equipped for this delicate type of surgery.

We will be flying Rocky and his owner to Ontario Canada, where there is a team of specialists that have been studying his case and are ready to treat Rocky.

This issue here is the cost. Not including the flight, the surgery will be about $6,000.00. We have raised $2314.08 to date. Though this is fantstic, it is not enough. We need your help. No amount is too small, even a $1.00 which is less than a cup of coffee and Tim Horton's or Starbuck's. Please consider donating so that Rocky can live a long, healthy life.

Thank you!