Friday, April 23, 2010

A letter from Letta

I just can't be in the house without crying, miss my little guy sooo much....feel like I'm gonna see Rocky coming to me from around a corner asking to pay attention to him and pet him....why did Rocky have to leave us so soon??? Can't take the picture of Rocky from my mind, wish I could see him again.

Rocky was a very special bunny, so smart, playful , active, but he had been through so much, not fair at all for such a little tiny bunny ....first time Rocky got sick was from his teeth when he was 1 year old and couldn't understand what was going on. We were so close to losing Rocky until Dana Krempels wrote me to check his teeth and also the vet from Attiko Zoological Park said  the same, so we saved Rocky and then we knew when it was time to trim his teeth. We were watching him.

But this wasn't enough. Rocky got sick from pasteurella infection. He was on so many antibiotics and's assistant from Attiko Zoological Park discovered by accident while she was petting Rocky, that he had an abscess under his skin which was from pasteurella, so, Rocky had the surgery to remove it...these were some of Rocky's worst days since he had to wear a collar because he was chewing the stitches. Rocky couldn't eat or drink right until we helped him somehow to be able to and when Rocky was out he couldn't run with the collar and got so stressed..don't know if you saw his photos at all...and after the surgery another lump developed on the other side..we thought we were gonna lose Rocky cause couldn't have another surgery again so soon. So we started giving him penicillin injections. These which are safe for bunnies and luckily the lump got smaller..all this time Rocky never gave up, he was trying to eat , to run even though you could see the sadness in his face....but Rocky was fighting....

and at last the cancer....why??? hadn't Rocky been through so much already???? someone was testing Rocky's strength???? why couldn't Rocky just have at least one whole healthy year free of pain ????

Don't know why I'm telling you all this but as you read Rocky was always fighting for his life and he was always finding ways to make us laugh, even though Rocky had seen so many vets, had to take so many meds and injections. Rocky never got angry or mad and each one of the vets was telling us how calm, coperative and good Rocky was.. they couldn't believe it, that a bunny can act like this....

And even though Rocky was in pain several times,Rocky was always playing and hopping around and asking for treats..only when Rocky was feeling too tired would he ask us for some extra pets.

Rocky was a very smart and unique bunny, you could actually understand what he wanted cause Rocky could show it to you one way or another ...knew his dad was for treats and play time, me for pets and for running all around the house ...when Rocky was sitting down on the floor and wanted to be pet,  Rocky would lay his head down while we were walking towards him....if I was sitting at the computer and Rocky wanted some attention, he would  putt his paws up to me and stare at me....and when I was watching tv, Rocky would jump up on his pillow next to the couch, (where he had his last breath), and push me or his dad with his face asking us to pet him...but Rocky didn't let us pet him in the afternoon when he usually wanted his peace ....Rocky was so stubborn and spoiled cause I think he knew how much we love him !!!!!

Now I feel so lonely without Rocky around ....feel Rocky's spirit in the house but I can't see Rocky.....

I knew Rocky wasn't well this time but didn't expect him to leave us right now..Rocky didn't give us any sign at all  the day before he left...Wednesday was the only day I saw Rocky breathing so fast and felt that we were losing him...but I was hoping that was just one of these bad days

Sorry for causing you a headache with all these....I know there are no answers and this is life....trying to accept it and when I'm out it's easier but in the house it is really to difficult cause Rocky actually owned the whole place...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

some words about Rocky


I wanted to tell you some words about our lil Rockoulini.
He's a very gentle and kind bun and despite what he has been through he remains calm and so lovable.He loves petting him, of course only when he wants, and he also likes playing with curtains and his dad's toes!!!
In the morning he enjoys running around my feet and chasing me around the house and he adores craisins and papaya.
He's a true fighter and until now he hasn't give it up.When he doesn't feel so well all he asks for is some extra attention and cuddles.
Thank you all for helping us to give him a second chance to life and for believing to this surgery.We wish he will finally have the chance to do it .
Without your support we wouldn't have come so far.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rabbit 101 WEBINAR

April 22, 2010 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Eastern
Cost: $10.00 US

This Webinar is being hosted by Dr. Erin Harrison from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph Ontario, Canada with guest speaker, Dr Taylor the OVC service chief. They will speaking on Rabbit 101!
Topics will include rabbit husbandry, preventative health, sign of emergencies, dental disease, imaging, and possibly advancements in rabbit medicine for approximately an hour. Then it will be followed by a question and answer period.
Both Dr. Harrison and Dr. Taylor (amongst many others) are volunteering their time so that all the funds from the webinar will be donated to Rocky. So we get to learn and Rocky gets closer to his fundraising goal. How good is that?
There may be a possibility that it will be recorded, so for those of you that cannot make it (even the ones that do) may be able to purchase the CD/DVD for later viewing or listening. Once you have paid, I will provide you with the login information (once it has been set).
Just click on the link to the left and it will take you straight to paypal!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

APRIL 6, 2010


We have raised a total of $2554.39
This is great but still a long way away.
Rocky has been on Meloxicam for a couple of weeks now and it has helped greatly. He is more active and has a great appetitie again! Hopefully, this will slow or even stop the growth of the tumor until all the funds have been raised.

The quaratine house here in Ontario, Canada has been confirmed so now Letta just has to fill out the forms and BIN will pay for the fees which is $400.00

Passports need to be aquired and then medical forms from the vet in Greece. Continental Airlines is the only airline that allows rabbits in the cabin. If anyone has points with Continental, and would like to donate them to Letta, please contact me at

This would help tremendously as the flight itself is expensive.

Thank you

April 21, 2010

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I write this. Rocky left for the Rainbow Bridge earlier this evening.
He fought hard to stay with us but he could not hold on any longer.
Binky free my friend......

April 2010

Rocky is in need of surgery to save his life. He has a mediastinal mass that is pressing against his trachea and heart. Without the surgery, Rocky will die.

Rocky lives in Athens, Greece. He has seen many vets there but vets in Greece are not rabbit savvy. They will not do the surgery, nor are they equipped for this delicate type of surgery.

We will be flying Rocky and his owner to Ontario Canada, where there is a team of specialists that have been studying his case and are ready to treat Rocky.

This issue here is the cost. Not including the flight, the surgery will be about $6,000.00. We have raised $2314.08 to date. Though this is fantstic, it is not enough. We need your help. No amount is too small, even a $1.00 which is less than a cup of coffee and Tim Horton's or Starbuck's. Please consider donating so that Rocky can live a long, healthy life.

Thank you!