ROCKY'S Updates

April 20, 2010 UPDATE

Rocky went back to the vets yesturday to extract more fluid. 20 ml was taken and his teeth were filed as well, all under anesthetic. More 'cysts' have been discovered. Here is what Letta had to say:
First of all i wanna thank you all so much for the love and really doesn't know what she was going to do without you around, it would be very difficult, trust me!!!

Yesterday my vet extracted me again about 20cc of fluid. They put me under anesthesia, trimmed my teeth down cause had some spikes , took some blood to check and then had an ultrasound.But told mom and dad that besides the big cyst i have from where they're extracting fluid i also had some more , very smaller, this time....Mom didn't like that, feels like we're losing the battle.But i really do my best and haven't give it up yet

My blood test wasn't better than last time but was to the same levels so this is good cause my vet told my kidney, liver etc, still work right and the meds i'm taking haven't affect my organs.She also gave me a pain killer injection after and when we returned home mom and dad put me into my cage home cause i couldn't stand to my paws because of the anesthesia.

But even though i couldn't find the target i finally put my face in front of my bowl and i ate and drunk water at once!!!!! Mom and dad were laughing at me.....You see , i always have my ways making my mom and dad laugh!!!!! And when mom let me out of my cage went right away to my curtain!!!!
I'm not very well still, but always after having these procedure want some time to feel better....Hope this time would be the same and on next days i will be a little more active
Mom is starting losing her faith, thinks what we're fighting is much bigger than me and we actually can't do something.....thinks i have already take the road to RBB....

wish my mom is doing wrong and i'll have the chance to show her that i still have strength and i can really win that nasty tumor.....

thank you once again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to get these funds raised folks. Please contact everyone possible that might be able to help out, even if it the amount of a cup of coffee.

April 19 Update
Got this email from Letta today
just came back from our vet, she took off some fluid again and had a blood test....his blood was like last time, not the best but stable...and we extracted 20cc of fluid again...hope this will relief him for some long still....he's already eating and drinking

April 13, 2010
today is one of these bad days i have...not in my best mood ...i do breath some kind heavier and faster and don't want to do too many things....but i eat a little and drink my water...
thank you for continue helping me....

i will go to my vet again next Monday cause this week she works in the morning and my parents can't take me that time....think she must extract me some fluid again and also have a bllod test and check my teeth as , in the morning, was a little more active, run a little after my momie and then ate my breakfast with my meds and my veggies....
isn't possible to go to Canada before June cause first of all Continental airlines are starting going from Athens to Canada at the first day of June and second my mom and dad can't take so many days off before summer....they even aren't sure if their bosses will let them leave on June
so just wish me luck to have my strength until i can do this trip.....think it's my only hope!!!!

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April 21, 2010

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I write this. Rocky left for the Rainbow Bridge earlier this evening.
He fought hard to stay with us but he could not hold on any longer.
Binky free my friend......

April 2010

Rocky is in need of surgery to save his life. He has a mediastinal mass that is pressing against his trachea and heart. Without the surgery, Rocky will die.

Rocky lives in Athens, Greece. He has seen many vets there but vets in Greece are not rabbit savvy. They will not do the surgery, nor are they equipped for this delicate type of surgery.

We will be flying Rocky and his owner to Ontario Canada, where there is a team of specialists that have been studying his case and are ready to treat Rocky.

This issue here is the cost. Not including the flight, the surgery will be about $6,000.00. We have raised $2314.08 to date. Though this is fantstic, it is not enough. We need your help. No amount is too small, even a $1.00 which is less than a cup of coffee and Tim Horton's or Starbuck's. Please consider donating so that Rocky can live a long, healthy life.

Thank you!